the best programming language

When I want to take a break at work, I sometimes read technology forums. And there is one kind of posts that I really like: the flame wars between programming languages. I like these posts because you can see passionate and smart people who are arguing as if their lives were at play. These posts have 2 […]

How to conduct technical interviews?

I’ve interviewed approximately 60 developers since I started working and I still wander how I can improve my skills as a technical interviewer. I’ve never got a formation that explains how to conduct interviews. During the years, I’ve changed the way I interview people. I’ve also lowered my expectations since I’m not working on projects that requires world […]

What is a good application?

I recently applied for a position at my current corporation and one of the questions I was asked was “what is a good application?”. I never thought of it before. Therefore, it was a really good exercise to formalize my own vision of a good software application. It was a technical position so my answer was from […]

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